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At Head Shop Online we carry the Most  Effective Legal Buds, Herbal Hybrid Buds and Legal Herbal Smokes products known to mankind.
Our main ambition is to provide only the best proven online head shop legal buds for the ultimate smoking experience. Have a totally "Unique Smoking Experience" with our 100% USA LEGAL HIGH GRADE SMOKE SHOP LEGAL BUD SMOKING BLENDS! Enjoy a new higher level of smoking satisfaction with our wide selection of legal bud smokes. We offer the widest range of experiences and taste for the herbal smoker.

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High Octane Legal Bud Smoking BlendHIGH OCTANE EXTREME Soma Extreme Smoke BlendSOMA SHROOMS Utopia Legal BudUTOPIA LEGAL BUD

How To Roll a Joint. Proper Lighting Method. Roll a Joint Guide.

HeadShopOnline.com - Rolling Joints Guide
Even though some tokers do roll it joint style and smoke it, a water-pipe, bong or vaporizer is really the best way to smoke your herbal smoke alternative. If you must use papers, read our Head Shop Online Guide to Rolling a Perfect Joint. The Legal Buds your smoking needs to undergo combustion by means of a much hotter flame than an ordinary cigarette lighter, read our Head Shop Online Guide to the Proper Lighting Method for maximum effects..........read more about joint rolling and lighting


Moroccan Black Solid SmokeMOROCCAN BLACK Heat Legal Bud Head Shop Smoke BlendHEAT LEGAL BUD Solid Smoke ConentrateBLACK RUSSIAN SOLID

DO LEGAL BUDS WORK?  The Legal Buds Smoking Guide

Do Legal Buds Smoking make me high
Legal Buds Smoking Alternatives do work and this includes all the legal buds, hybrid buds, herbal smokes and single herbs. It's just mainly a matter of the right potency and the particular effect of each herb. Each Legal Bud Smoking Alternative has its own signature effects. The first mistake new legal bud smoker in the smoking alternative scene is...................read more about do legal buds work


Hybrid Bud BlueBerry HazeBLUEBERRY HAZE BUDS Panama Red Hybrid BudPANAMA RED BUDS Ono Budz Hybrid Smoke Bud

DO LEGAL BUDS GET YOU BUZZED? Legal Buds Smoking Guide

Do Legal Buds Smoking make me high
Most of legal buds contain other plants and herbs which are known for there psychoactive properties. So when Smoking Legal Buds you may experiences to most if not all of the following effects and sensations: euphoria, relaxation, overall feelings of peace and well being, anti-anxiety, some relief from depression, chattiness, the giggles, some inebriation, etc. All effects vary in degree and effectiveness depending on ...........read more


Zig-Zag Rolling Paper
 Zen Rolling Paper
Chills Rolling Paper

Weed Alternative Legal The Most Exotic and Unusual Smoke For Unique Encounters

Exotic Smoke Marijuana Alternative
Whether you're a toker or a smoker, you are going to be totally amazed with the aroma, taste and potency of our head shop legal buds and herbal smokes. Providing Out of the Ordinary Legal Buds, Hybrid Buds, Herbal Smokes, Extracts and Smoke Solids for over 10 years. Our smoke products really work and are extremely satisfying. They're 100% legal in all US States and you will not fail a drug tests. Herbal Smokes and Legal Buds are not Marijuana or Tobacco nor are they intended to be alternatives to illegal drugs. They're to be smoked and enjoyed for their Own Amazing Unique Properties and still remain 100% USA Legal. Our smoking blends are completely tobacco and nicotine free, but offer a smoking experience that stimulates the senses, rich with aroma and flavor.
Our Smoke Shop Products are unlike anything you have ever smoked or experience before. A totally unique encounter for smokers at a new higher level of satisfaction. All Head Shop Legal Buds works great rolled up, smoked from a pipe, a herbal vaporizer or smoking hookah. High Quality Smokes at affordable prices for the tokers in all of us.

tobacco alternative, a smoking alternative fine print The Fine Print

You must be 18 or older to purchase our Head Shop Smoking Products. We do not sell to minors and will be criminally prosecuted if an order is attempted on our site. All smoking products ordered are for your own personal tobacco alternative, a smoking alternative, for research, education or propagation and no other use intended implied. Any smoking accessories such as; rolling papers, rolling machines, herb grinders, etc. are sold and intended for use only with our smokes.

Our Head Shop Smoke Shop Products are not to be used for any illegal purpose or in conjunction with any illegal substances. None of our products are intended to be a substitute for any medicine or drug, illegal or otherwise. Our legal buds product line do not contain any marijuana, nor are they offered as legal marijuana, marijuana substitutes, legal weed, legal cannabis, marijuana thc alternative, legal high, herbal high nor labeled or sold as such. The merchandise at our online head shop site are not intended to mimic or imitate any illegal drugs and are enjoyed for their own amazing properties and still remain 100% legal.

HeadShopOnline.com supports the responsible enjoyment of legal exotic smokes so use them responsible, do not smoke while driving or operating machinery. The products, claims, statements have not be evaluated by the FDA and are not approved to diagnose, treat, cure, prevent disease. Customer is to read and agreed to our full disclaimer prior to purchase.

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Chronic Legal Bud Exreme Smoke Blend on sale.
ULTRA CHRONIC LEGAL BUD - "the Head Shop Smoke Blend that's extremely satisfying and definitely beyond compare" 100% USA legal high quality smoke bud that really does go outside the usual limits. A hard hitting, intriguing and really strong smoke shop blend that is definitely beyond compare. It just screams "roll me, light me and ahhhhh" A legal bud that will satisfy for hours. it's for the refined smoker.
Potent Legal Bud Blaze on sale.
BLAZE LEGAL BUD - "breaking new grounds in the art of refined legal bud smoking" In the "New Extreme Bud Generation" of head shop legal buds, Blaze is an incredible "HIGH CLASS LEGAL BUD!" You'll be very impressed with this legal smoke bud's distinct characteristics and effects. With it's power-house of intense flavor and lengthy staying power, you'll never question the validity of legal bud smoke again!
Hard Core Legal Bud Head Shop Smoke on sale.
HARD CORE LEGAL BUD - "sorry, experienced smokers need only apply" The Head Shop Smoke Blend for Experienced Legal Bud Tokers Only. Hard Core Legal Bud is for smokers who demands much, much more from their smoke shop blend. A high quality legal bud that is not at all for the weak. As it's name implies Hard Core and it is! Hard Core Smoke is for bud smokers seeking the highest of expectations and a satisfying taste that will never let you down.
Legal High Quality Magma Legal Bud on sale.
MAGMA LEGAL BUD - "let the lava flow and flow" Another grand addition to the new extreme bud generation, the smoke shop blend that you must try to believe. MAGMA Legal Bud has a long standing reputation as being among the most potent and satisfying smoke. This head shop smoke is not typical, it is absolutely potent and extremely exhilarating.
Fusion Legal Bud multidimensional experience smoke.
FUSION LEGAL BUD - "the path to a binding multidimensional experience" Fusion Legal Bud is right up there with Spice Gold and is positively without a doubt among the strongest most Potent Legal High Quality Bud currently offered. It is equivalent to the Infamous "Spice Gold" in all qualities only smoother. It is absolutely intense and is the truly an unique smoking experience. After just one hit you'll be asking yourself how can this smoke blend possibly be legal.

Herbal Smoke Sale - View All

The BullDog of Amsterdam Classic Herbal Smoke.
The BullDog - "just chill out on this classic herbal smoke" Inspired by the first coffee shop ever in Amsterdam to offer cannabis on it's menu The Bulldog Coffeeshop. The BullDog is rich in flavor, and has a robust taste embody everything important to Holland's coffee house experience. Bulldog of Amsterdam, a timeless and classic herbal smoking blend that that has stood the test of time. After a long and stressful day, the Great Bulldog Herbal Smoking Blend will do the job.
Wild Dagga Herbal Smoke on sale.
EXOTIC WILD DAGGA SMOKE- "not much needs to be said 'bout wild dagga" Wild Dagga promotes exuberance when smoked. When you establish a reputation second to none, you inspire those who would like to emulate you. And when it comes to reputations, none can match that of Wild Dagga. A rare herbs about which little needs to be said, it's a exotic smoke whose reputation alone sells it.
Kanna Exotic  Smoke on sale.
RARE KANNA SMOKE - "a little goes a long way, sprinkle on favorite smoke" In our never ending quest to bring you rare and exotic smoke blends with satisfying high quality we are proud to offer Kanna. Just lightly sprinkle on your favorite smoking bud and enlighten yourself. This is a High Grade Premium Kanna, imported direct from the grower in South Africa.


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